Consulting before Import
Jubilee BioTech

The Client
 in USA

A. Jubilee will cooperate with your business from Korea to represent in USA under the terms of agreement on ‘fee-for-service’. 

This on-demand service will include visiting existing partners of your business, opening new accounts, attending international conferences vendor shows/booth set up (global marketing), executing administrative duties on behalf of your business, resolving various product-related regulatory compliancy issues meeting officials in academic, government industry sectors. 

The total cost of the fee-for-service that is requested by your business will be calculated agreed upon contractoral terms each time with agreeable flexibility on each assignments

B. Jubilee can meet interested parties or investment groups to make presentations pitch products of your business on front-end meetings can develop deals further in accordance with instructions of you under the terms of the commission that is agreed between Jubilee your company.

C. Jubilee will act as a non-exclusive consultant liaison to bring experts in the field, Korean or non-Korean origin, in US different types of business development, product enhancements, technical consulting set up downstream commercialization initiatives of your products. 

Jubilee can become the middle layer on all on-demand business matters, including human resource department roles identifying potential hires in both administrative technical positions, in US your business.