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R & D

Collaboration with your business items from Korea on specified R&D projects of Jubilee: Jubilee identifies the strength of microneedle drug delivery, micro pacemaker, telemedicine collaborating with various internal external partnerson specified parts of Jubilee R&D projects. Such outsourcing works will be on-demand from Jubilee the works will be under the fee-for-service to your company with agreements in place.


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Jubilee Bio Lab’s choice

Jubilee BioTech’s

Biodegradable Microneedle Polymer

Conventional transdermal drug delivery offers many important advantages

A few things we’re great at

Drug Adherence problem causes around 3 trillion dollar waste annuallyNeed an automated medical device to DELIVER correct medication IN correct intervals AT correct times

Biodegradable Microneedle Polymer

Microneedle application is promising in promoting local transfection, controlling the persistence, intradermal penetration of Drug vaccine in the skin to function as an optimal strategy safe, reproducible, pain-application.

Diagnostic Pacemaker

Jubilee may find a large R&D project outsourcing can perform such project taking a share of the Jubilee to become a product development partner.

Telemedicine Interface

Telemedicne was originally created as a way to treat patients who were located in remote places, far way from local health facilities or in areas of with shortages of medical professionals.

Data Analysis A.I.

Telemedicine will create a system that gives patients autonomy but also harnesses value-based care through emerging tools like AI data.

Jubilee BioTech

The Jubiwatch features

Market growth demand of personalized medicine healthcare

Public on App Market

Preset by the physician by a App. correct time, interval, right dose

Wearable Watch/Band/Patch

Wear Set And forget. Travel anywhere & anytimes

Share data: API

Do not worry over dose or less dose. Always your prescription with Doctors

Specialized microneedle

Dissolving biodegradable microneedle drug – dose control



  JUBIwatch is a patent-pending wearable medical device that is designed to deliver multiple drugs via unique microneedle formulations various clinical diseases.    
  Our key targets are on estrogen thyroid hormone but expanded to pain-related indications to other major clinical symptoms. The device will communicate with personal mobile-platform to take the tele-medicine to the next level.



     JUBIpatch is a patent-pending transdermal  patch that combines microneedle with variable  drug-release mechanisms target treatment of    clinical indications.    
   The patch will be used delivering cosmeceuticals, alternative medicine, pain-relieving drugs a combination of natural  medical compounds. The patch can be adapted to the JUBIband expanded purposes of treating non-emergency ailments medical conditions.



  JUBIband is a patent-pending wearable medical device that is differently formatted animal-companions, patients in hospice-care, immobilized handicap patients early age pediatric population.   
  The goal is to deliver correct medicine on time receivers that are immobilized patients or in handicapped positions. The prospective use of the band has a wide range of population environments. 

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