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Jubilee Bio Tech is the first step in the world Market.

Jubilee BioTech

Jubilee Biotech is a StartUp company conceptualized in 2018 found in 2019.  The focus of the company is to combine material science, biomedical electrical engineering, information technology, laboratory clinical R&D EMR-coupled telemedicine to construct the most innovative medical devices transdermal patches personalized drug delivery. 

   JUBIwatch is a patent-pending wearable medical device that is designed to deliver multiple drugs via unique microneedle formulations various clinical diseases.  Our key targets are on estrogen thyroid hormone but expanded to pain-related indications to other major clinical symptoms. The device will communicate with personal mobile-platform to take the telemedicine to the next level. The world of JUBIwatch includes patients, family members, physicians, clinical caretakers on the same page to accurately deliver drugs on schedule. Patent-pending JUBIwatch will provide precision medical adherence to each patient provide high-quality data to the clinic. JUBIwatch will enhance personalized precision medicine on a global scale. 

   JUBIband is a patent-pending wearable medical device that is differently formatted animal-companions, patients in hospice-care, immobilized handicap patients early age pediatric population. The goal is to deliver correct medicine on time receivers that are immobilized patients or in handicapped positions. The prospective use of the band has a wide range of population environments.

   JUBIpatch is a patent-pending transdermal patch that combines microneedle with variable drug-release mechanisms target treatment of clinical indications. The patch will be used delivering cosmeceuticals, alternative medicine, pain-relieving drugs a combination of natural medical compounds. The patch can be adapted to the JUBIband expanded purposes of treating non-emergency ailments medical conditions. 

   Partners of Jubilee Biotech include academic labs, pharmaceutical & biotech companies,  CROs CMOs, healthcare settings, government agencies. Other business partners collaborators that match key business operations of JUBIWatch, JUBIband JUBIpath are always welcome to contact us (info@jubileebiotech.com). We are interested in partnering with all entities that are interested in delivering drugs of choice via the format of wearable medical devices.


Jubilee Bio Tech Representing the client in USA:  

a.  Jubilee will cooperate with your business from Korea to represent in USA under the terms of agreement on ‘fee-for-service’. 

This on-demand service will include visiting existing partners of your business, opening new accounts, attending international conferences vendor shows/booth set up (global marketing), executing administrative duties on behalf of your business, resolving various product-related regulatory compliancy issues meeting officials in academic, government industry sectors. 

The total cost of the fee-for-service that is requested your business will be calculated agreed upon contractoral terms each time with agreeable flexibility on each assignments

b.  Jubilee can meet interested parties or investment groups to make presentations pitch products of your business on front-end meetings can develop deals further in accordance with instructions of you under the terms of the commission that is agreed between Jubilee your company.

c.  Jubilee will act as a non-exclusive consultant liaison to bring experts in the field, Korean or non-Korean origin, in US different types of business development, product enhancements, technical consulting set up downstream commercialization initiatives of your products. 
Jubilee can become the middle layer on all on-demand business matters, including human resource department roles identifying potential hires in both administrative technical positions, in US your businessT

Team Members, Partners, Expert Capacity & Experiences:

» Cofounders the current team is composed of doctoral-level scientists clinicians in 

  • Skin Biology (20+ years)
  • Family Medicine (5+ years)
  • Drug Delivery (10+ years)
  • Precision Medicine (10+ years)
  • Robotics (10+ years)
  • Clinical Device Engineering (10+ years)
  • Microneedle Material Science & Engineering (15+ years)
  • Biochemical Science (15+ years)
  • Animal Modeling Research (10+ years)
  • IT-engineers Web Development (15+ years)
  • Corporate Finance (10+ years)

» Jubilee Biotech marketing advisory team has post-Master degree professional-level experts with in-depth knowledge on sales marketing field related to 

  • Research grade reagents products (15,000 products 12+ years)
  • Cosmetics make-up artist (10+ years)
  • Cosmetic market analyst (5+ years)
  • On-site sales business development director (15+ years + real estate)
  • IP, corporate & business lawyers (20+ years)
  • Healthcare & government relations (20+ years)

» Jubilee Biotech partners include top law firms in the USA (Sunstein) the purposes of business product developments import export matters. Other partners friends include the network of leaders in science & engineering, IT biotechnologies, various medical fields, multiple business sectors, professional societies associations, government agencies (i.e. FDA, NIH, NIST,  others).  

Products & Services: medical devices drug delivery technology consulting

Operation Sector: healthcare, veterinary, pediatric, pharmaceutical cosmetics

Target Market: the general consumers, patients, animal companions, researchers, scientists, clinicians

Jubilee BioTech :  370 Golf Place, Hackensack, NJ. 07601  USA ( by NJ State Treasurer: 0450405320 )

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